band master setlist

So the clean up and clear out weekend begins, as it often does, in the digital realm.  This “setlist” is just the list of all the songs I’ve played live alone or with one band or another… plus quite a few songs that at some point I was actively practicing with the hope of playing them live.

I’ve decided to keep it in Google Docs… for a variety of reasons.  We’ll see how it works.

The first edits will be to reflect my current musical direction and taste… songs that I was learning because other singers brought them to the band, songs I thought were cool for a little while then decided against it… that kind of thing is gonna go.  And the letter codes will be updated (and a legend supplied).  Once the new “A” list gets set, I’ll start linking in fake sheets for individual songs… and eventually mp3s, videos, and some other possibilities. band master setlist

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