WDW 2013

I and my family are planning a Walt Disney World visit next October.

Sunday 10/13
-arrive Orlando
-evening: DD?
Monday 10/14 (AK:AMXM/9-5, FW:9-9, HS:9-9/PMXM, MK:9-10, WS:11-9)
-parks (AK)
Tuesday 10/15 (AK:9-5, FW:AMXM/9-9, HS:9-9, MK:9-10, WS:11-9)
-parks (MK)
Wednesday 10/16 (AK:AMXM/9-5, FW:9-9, HS:9-9, MK:9-10, WS:11-9)
-parks (EC)
Thursday 10/17 (AK:9-5, FW:9-9, HS:9-9, MK:AMXM/9-10, WS:11-9)
-parks (DS)
Friday 10/18 (AK:9-5, FW:9-9/PMXM, HS:9-9, MK:9-10, WS:11-9)
-parks (??)
Saturday 10/19 (AK:9-5, FW:9-9, HS:9-9, MK:9-10, WS:11-9)
-brunch: Chef Mickey’s?
-leave Orlando

Likely to be scheduled:
-brunch: Whispering Canyon
-brunch: Crystal Palace
-dinner: Liberty Tree Tavern
-evening: IllumiNations
-evening: MSEP & MK Fireworks
-evening: Fantasmic

edit 7/3: added parks info

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