More Modest Goals

In this case, the title should be read with an implied “about” after the more: I’m about to say more about the pretofore mentioned Modest Goals, not to add to their number, nor to limit their scope in any way.

Although I suppose technically, there is an addition, but it’s mostly a nominative change. As my philosophy comes together, it always seems to do so in threes. I realized as I started pulling together work and resources for the Tie Dyed Party political organization and the Tie Dyed Congregation church, I realized I was one organization shy of a full load. The political organization represents the Son, the self, the part of the whole that takes action within the world. The church represents the Father, family, the part of the whole that perpetuates and regenerates. The missing link would be the Holy Ghost, the holistic good, the way we learn, share, and appreciate. So I’m thinking… a library, theatre, museum… thing… a couple minutes linking around on the internet and I realized that what I needed to create was the Tie Dyed Lyceum. And further, I realized that to a large extent, was already fulfilling the basics of what the Lyceum shall be: a library, portfolio, and linked list of creativity, learning, and sharing.

The TDC will see the first regular content, weekly sermons. I hope this to be the precursor to pod-casting then live-casting worship ceremonies, eventually with a live congregation. The initial goal will be not as a replacement for any other particular religion, but as way of addressing scripture of all religions, with the expressed intent to find similarities and share and grow them while marginalizing the effects of our differences.

The TDP might have a more fitful growth process. I guess at first, I need to do a lot more work on actually fleshing out reasonable policies and platforms to work from. Finding and supporting candidates that most closely represent what is important. Grow from there.

The TDL will start with music. I need to organize my music resources, and the kids are starting to be interested in music. I’m ready to get back into home recording. Oh, also, Minecraft. We love Minecraft and have a server and will be building and exploring and sharing that.

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