About jj.o

The intent of jeffjewell.org is to document and enable the projects and pastimes I share with others, with the hope of making further connections and creations.  In particular, I am a fan of the Miami Dolphins, Marvel Silver and Bronze Age comics,  Star Wars, Disney, and I am a writer, producer, singer, and musician.

The jeffjewell.org website is one of three websites I maintain that reflect the three aspects of life. I’m still birthing this belief system, but at a basic level it’s derived from the Christian Trinity. It has never resonated with me that scriptural references to the Trinity were describing something outside of ourselves… indeed, the stories always seemed to be trying to teach us about ourselves. I started looking at the Trinity as a metaphor for the different aspects of living as a spiritual being in a physical world. There is more about this outlook in other places, for now, just know that the jj.o website is associated with the Holy Ghost, or holistic good, the cooperating and sharing aspect of life.

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